A pineapple to remember

Sweet, kind and ironic. Her passion for languages and organizing events is what brought her to the CMCC where – between one drawing and another – she helps Martina in the management of the Venice CMCC premises, offering a smile to whoever passes by. Get to know Elena Niero, manager’s assistant and events’ organizer at CMCC@Ca’Foscari […]

May the Force be with you, Milena!

Give her spaceships, UFOs and close encounters of the third kind. You’ll make her happy. Get to know Milena Cagnazzo, who manages the Human Resources Function at the CMCC Administration office in Lecce. Where a nerdy heart beats […]

The Candy Desk

Candies, adaptation and fashion blog updates. She works at the science-policy interface sharing knowledge in support to decision making. Let’s get to know Silvia Medri, the coffee addicted coordinator of the European Topic Centre on Climate Change impacts, vulnerability and Adaptation […]

Between gangsters and data science

Energetic and ambitious, he joined CMCC almost by chance and has never left since. Let’s get to know the insatiable movie lover Sandro Fiore, Head of the research group in Data Science within the ASC Division […]

Portrait of a curious guy

Numbers are important but are not the only thing. Notes, words, flavors, memories matter, too. A researcher at the EIEE and the ECIP division (Economic analysis of the Climate Impacts and Policy Division), Andrea Bigano makes sure not to miss anything […]

“Monteverdi lives with us!”

Cinema, music, drawing, books, comics, diving and photography. Her passion for the ocean and science are in good company. Get to know Dorotea Iovino, the most eclectic oceanographer at CMCC in Bologna. […]

Work hard, party smart

Films, books, concerts, exhibitions … you name it. She has probably already seen it, read it, done it. Or she has it on her list. Getting to know Ivana Losa of the Fundraising office, a Neapolitan heart that beats in Milan […]

Once upon a time in Giove

The dream of being a primary school teacher, at first. Then, love at first sight with Geology after reading “A journey to the centre of the Earth”. Get to know Monia Santini, CMCC researcher at Viterbo’s IAFES Division, among mineral collections, scientific passions and American gangster movies […]

“Be bold, often italicized, never regular”

Curly-haired and chatty, she can reduce her sleeping hours but not the time devoted to social life or morning yoga. An interview with the dynamic and energetic Francesca Larosa, junior researcher at the RAAS division […]

CMCC? It was born on my watch

She has personally contributed to the birth of CMCC, and has seen it grow. Get to know the gluttonous reader Martina Marian, a cornerstone of CMCC@Ca’Foscari […]

Feet on the pedals, mind on the mountain

Bike sharing is only the latest among the several ways she has found to never stop moving. Constantly going back and forth between Milan and Genova, her favourite place is up in the mountains. Interview with Valentina Vinci, from Milan’s Fundraising office […]

Words matter

From the many kilometers traveled by bike to the stream of words in her beloved books. Get to know with Paola Flaminio, working at the project office in Lecce […]

No routine except for the train

Commuting, literature and a stainless attraction for nature. The (few) habits and the (many) passions of Jaroslav Mysiak, director of the RAAS division and lecturer for the PhD program in Science and Management of Climate Change of Ca ‘Foscari University […]

What passion for music!

An unbridled passion for music, chaos on his desk and a strong emotional bond with his home town. An interview with Alessio Bellucci, the Neapolitan oceanographer from CMCC Bologna […]

There’s a world behind IT

On the one hand, a precise and organized scientist who does not postpone anything. On the other hand, a curious personality with a thousand interests. Getting to know with Silvia Mocavero, computer scientist at ASC Division – Advanced Scientific Computing […]