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The Copernicus Marine Service from 2015 to 2021: six years of achievements

Le Traon P.Y., Abadie V., Ali A., Aouf L., Artioli Y., Ascione I., et al. (Aydogdu A., Ciliberti S., Cipollone A., Clementi E., Coppini G., Drudi M., Escudier R., Lecci R., Nascimento Lima L., Masina S., Pistoia J., )
2021, Special Issue Mercator Océan Journal #57, DOI:, web page

ODA - Ocean modeling and Data Assimilation, OPA - Ocean Predictions and Applications


The added value of the multi-system spread information for ocean heat content and steric sea level investigations in the CMEMS GREP ensemble reanalysis product

Storto A., Masina S., Simoncelli S., Iovino D., Cipollone A., Drevillon M., Drillet Y., von Schuckman K., Parent L., Garric G., Greiner E., Desportes C., Zuo H., Bal- maseda M. A., Peterson K. A.
2019, Climate Dynamics, 1-26, DOI: 10.1007/s00382-018-4585-5

ODA - Ocean modeling and Data Assimilation

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