Published articles

Successful blue economy examples with an emphasis on international perspectives

Wenhai L., Cusack C., Baker M., Tao W., Mingbao C., Paige K., Xiaofan Z., Levin L., Escobar E., Amon D., Yue Y., Reitz A., Neves A. A. S., O’Rourke E. , Mannarini G., Pearlman J., Tinker J., Horsburgh K. J. , Lehodey P., Pouliquen S., Dale T., Peng Z., Yufeng Y.
2019, Frontiers in Marine Science, volume 6, article 261, DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00261, web page

OPA - Ocean Predictions and Applications

Cities & Coasts, Global Policy, Jobs & Growth, Oceans.

The role of methane in future climate strategies: Mitigation potentials and climate impacts

Harmsen M., Van Vuuren D. P., Bodirsky B.L., Chateau J., Durand-Lasserve O., Drouet L., Fricko O., Fujimori S., Gernaat D. E.H.J., Hanaoka T., Hilaire J., Keramidas K., Luderer G., Moura M. C. P., Sano F., Smith S. J., Wada K.
2019, Climatic Change, Special Issue, pp 1–17, DOI: 10.1007/s10584-019-02437-2, web page

SEME - Sustainable Earth Modelling Economics

Future Earth, Jobs & Growth, Water, Food and Land Use.

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