Centro di Supercalcolo – SCC

The CMCC Supercomputing Center (SCC) is situated inside the Campus “Ecotekne” in Lecce, via per Monteroni and it was inaugurated on January 30, 2009 with the presentation conference and the participation of the President of CMCC Antonio Navarra and the Responsible of the SCC Director Giovanni Aloisio.

In order to meet the increasing needs of computational power and storage capacity in line with the “Green Computing” challenge, CMCC up-grated the Supercomputing Center. The new supercomputing infrastructure is composed of a high performance computing system based on the last generation of Intel Sandy Bridge processors. In particular, the new cluster will be equipped with 482 bi-processor computing nodes IBM DX 360M4 interconnected through a FDR InfiniBand network (56Gb/sec). The theoretical peak performance of the new system (approximately 8000 cores in total) will be 160Tflops (there were approximately 30Tflops in the old system). The new supercomputing infrastructure will be capable of responding to the growing need of computation and storage for CMCC in the coming years.

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Strada Provinciale per Arnesano
73100 Lecce

c/o Università del Salento – Ecotekne

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