Food and climate change their interactions, a dialogue between scientists, decision makers, and business. An event organized by CMCC at EXPO 2015 - Padiglione della Società Civile Cascina Triulza, Milano - September 07, 2015 [...]
An event organized by Italian Scientific Societies and hosted by FAO. Topics, instructions, guidelines: all you need to know to submit your abstract. Deadline for submission: September 20, 2015 [...]
Photographer James Whitlow Delano on the importance to deal with climate change. From July 28th to August 28th 2015, an exhibition in Milan presents his project [...]
Ways to design efficient climate policies generated by using the latest data and methods from climate and decision science. An Italian research published in Nature Climate Change [...]
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The CMCC's supercomputer calculations about the impact of an extensive glaciation. The implications in the framework of the risk assessment of two repositories for nuclear spent fuel [...]
Results more and more reliable from simulations increasingly accurate and detailed that allow to study climate change in Italy as never before. From the CMCC, new information available for policy and decision makers [...]