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Threats and opportunities for species and ecosystems resulting from different measures of climate change. Rachel Garcia talks about new scientific outcomes [...]
Impacts and implications on adaptation for the most vulnerable populations in the African continent. Talking with Christoph Müller [...]
Socioeconomic benefits and needs for energy, food and a wide range of other goods and ecosystem services: news and analyses from the 2014 FAO report and the CMCC's projects to improve forest resources while fostering their sustainable use [...]
Framing climate change as an economic risk for business and for society: findings from the bipartisan report of the Risky Business Project with the contribute of CMCC models [...]
Policies, technologies and strategies: what our societies can do to cut greenhouse gases emissions and meet the 2°C target. The Italian authors speak about the Report. Watch the video. [...]
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Mitigation of Climate Change. The Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) of the Fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change – WGIII released in Berlin. Documents and materials by the IPCC [...]