It’s a matter of science and research, but it’s also a matter of gender equality. A conversation on sustainability, climate change and the conditions of women in the most vulnerable societies [...]
Credits: Laura Caciagli
A study on Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences based on a new set of climate simulations analyzing future changes of storm surge extremes along the Mediterranean coast [...]
Credits: CC RobW_ @Flikr.com
An assessment of the biological diversity of tropical forests, major repositories of biodiversity fast disappearing as land is converted to agriculture, by the use of airborne hyperspectral data. A new study on PLOS ONE [...]
Aloe Trees Namibia Desert Africa
Threats and opportunities for species and ecosystems resulting from different measures of climate change. Rachel Garcia talks about new scientific outcomes [...]
Impacts and implications on adaptation for the most vulnerable populations in the African continent. Talking with Christoph Müller [...]
Socioeconomic benefits and needs for energy, food and a wide range of other goods and ecosystem services: news and analyses from the 2014 FAO report and the CMCC's projects to improve forest resources while fostering their sustainable use [...]