The 22 Member States of the Centre approved the high-level agreement proposed by Italy. The building is to be delivered to ECMWF by 2019. [...]
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Forests can make the difference. An international team, a study realized by CMCC researchers focused on how land cover changes impact on regional temperatures and precipitation [...]
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The CMCC Foundation funds a grant on oceanography, numerical ocean modelling and ocean circulation dynamics. The beneficiary will carry part of the doctoral activities at CMCC premises in Lecce. The deadline of submission is on May 29th, 2017 [...]
A problem in Apulia starting to become a reason of concern in Europe too. Research and innovation together to find solutions. The CMCC is at the forefront to provide measures against the infection [...]
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Two regions - Sardinia and Apulia - two stories to tell the World Water Day [...]
How much does climate change cost to our cities? It depends, but there are innovative opportunities and mechanisms to find adequate financial resources and invest them efficiently. All the details and key messages in the new report of the European Environment Agency (EEA) [...]