A study explores the transport and fate of plastic marine debris in the Mediterranean Sea with the aim to find solutions to this key issue [...]
Innovation, cutting-edge research, and international dimension: it is CMCC@Ca'Foscari, from the collaboration between the Ca'Foscari University of Venice and the CMCC Foundation. [...]
“Recent trends in climate sciences, adaptation and mitigation” is the title of the SISC Annual Conference. Deadline for submission of abstracts and applications for participation grants: May 31st, 2018 [...]
What information is necessary to be "weather smart" and "climate ready", and how is it produced? On World Meteorology Day, Silvio Gualdi weather forecasts and climate predictions, and why they are important for our societies. [...]
A book, a multimedia project, a journey to reveal what is happening behind the scarcity of water resources, and how climate change plays a decisive role. [...]
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It’s one of the manufacturing sectors that requires more water: how can we combine productivity and sustainability? [...]