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Two regions - Sardinia and Apulia - two stories to tell the World Water Day [...]
How much does climate change cost to our cities? It depends, but there are innovative opportunities and mechanisms to find adequate financial resources and invest them efficiently. All the details and key messages in the new report of the European Environment Agency (EEA) [...]
Credits: CC Sunset Noir
How to combine economic growth and sustainability? A study published on Nature Climate Change, with the CMCC contribution by Giacomo Marangoni, Massimo Tavoni and Valentina Bosetti [...]
Credits: Image © JanJBrand/iStockphoto
Snapshots of present and future impacts of climate change. The new report by EEA, realized also with the contribution of the CMCC research on extreme events, energy, and tourism [...]
A greenhouse gas with a global warming potential larger than CO2. A study provides information on its increasing concentrations. Among the authors, CMCC Monia Santini [...]
Credits: OGS
The past climate and the evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet to assess the current rate of ice melting: CMCC researcher Florence Colleoni participates to the 32nd Italian Antarctic Campaign [...]