The CMCC Foundation participates in the event "Festival dello sviluppo sostenibile" (21 May - 6 June) with many initiatives. Explore all the events [...]
Antonio Navarra and Carlo Carraro will take part in the panel that will be opened by the President Elisabetta Casellati. On Thursday, April 18, at 11 am. Live-streaming available on [...]
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Look at the CMCC scientific sessions and explore all the oral presentations, PICOs and posters presented by CMCC researchers at the largest geosciences meeting in Europe [...]
The storytelling frontier, the hunt for misinformation, new perspectives for telling the changing climate on the TV and much more. Read the new Focus Story just published on Foresight – The CMCC observatory on climate policies and future [...]
Breve e chiara raccolta di materiali per conoscere quello che la scienza sa sui cambiamenti climatici, su come affrontarli, sulle implicazioni per la società, l'economia, l'ambiente [...]
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The call for abstracts is open. Send an abstract by April 20, 2019 [...]