Don't get discouraged when talking about climate change. 17 straightforward answers to complex questions will help you. [...]
The CMCC at work to evaluate the effects of heat waves on population health between now and 2050 in the Tuscan municipality [...]
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It's about all of us, not only the Apulia region. Climate science can do its part and the CMCC is at forefront with its cutting edge technologies. Riccardo Valentini at the meeting of experts organized by Coldiretti in Lecce [...]
The 22 Member States of the Centre approved the high-level agreement proposed by Italy. The building is to be delivered to ECMWF by 2019. [...]
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Forests can make the difference. An international team, a study realized by CMCC researchers focused on how land cover changes impact on regional temperatures and precipitation [...]
A problem in Apulia starting to become a reason of concern in Europe too. Research and innovation together to find solutions. The CMCC is at the forefront to provide measures against the infection [...]