Which innovative, technological and sustainable solutions may be defined for monitoring coastal erosion along the Lecce coastline and plan coast development accordingly? And can art and science collaborate to translate scientific facts into emotions and at the same time create innovative solutions to Venice climate challenges?

On October 27, 2017, the CMCC Foundation will organize two Climathon events, in Lecce e in Venice. Participants will have twenty-four hours to propose solutions for the sustainable development of their own cities.

More in detail, Lecce’s challenge for the 2017 Climathon edition, “The city and its seaside at risk”, will be focused on coastal erosion, while Venice’s challenge “Arts and Science for (Climate) Change” will explore ways in which the arts can inspire different ways of thinking about and engaging with the people in order to address climate change related risks in the lagoon of Venice.

Over the last few years, Lecce city centre has been interested by a strong economic and tourism development. However, its coastal areas along the Adriatic Sea are still suffering and excluded from this economic growth, due to poorly planned and implemented investments.
Moreover, climate change and coastal erosion poses additional burden on the coastline, making it vulnerable and subject to environmental risks.
How can Lecce coastal tourism be boosted, taking into account the environmental risks connected to climate change and erosion and protecting the coastal and marine ecosystems?

Venice and its lagoon represent a global symbol of coastal fragility and climate change related risks. In 100 years from now, one of the worldwide most important city on water will have to cope with sea level rise, increase frequency of heat waves and extreme events. Venice is also a big touristic hub, where local inhabitants represent a tiny share of the total daily people present in the city. Aggressive policies fostering privatization and commercial exploitation are rapidly affecting and threatening its identity, which is at risk of being modified irremediably.
Can a dialogue between art and science help to cope with these issues while providing new approaches and solutions?

Join a global community and help tackle Lecce’s and Venice’s climate change challenges. Take part in Climathon 2017!

Application deadline for participants: October 15, 2017

Visit and register on the official websites:
Climathon Lecce 2017

Climathon Venice 2017
On September 29th, 2017: RECRUITMENT of CLIMATHON 2017 participants during the CLIMATE DAYS