CMCC, Venezia - May 02 / 04, 2017

The INNOPATHS project (Innovation Pathways, Strategies and Policies for the Low-Carbon Transition in Europe) is a four-year research project, funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, running from December 2016 to November 2020, and involving 15 project partners from 8 EU Member States (plus Switzerland), co-ordinated by UCL (University College London).

The overall objective of INNOPATHS is to work with key economic and societal actors to generate new enhanced low-carbon pathways for the European Union, taking full account of the global context. Within the project, CMCC leads Work Package 2 “Innovation for the energy transition”.

Between the 2nd and 4th of May, 2017, CMCC will host the First INNOPATHS All-Partner Meeting, as well as a series of six stakeholders’ workshops, designed to examine the low-carbon innovation systems of the following key sectors: agriculture, buildings, energy, industry, transport and ICT (information and communication technologies).

The Agenda of the meeting includes one and a half day of partners’ meeting, in which the project participants will discuss progress to date, intellectual direction and practical steps for the coming year. Stakeholders’ workshop will follow. These are organized with the aim of fostering dialogue between researchers and key stakeholders representing a range of perspectives. In the workshops, INNOPATHS researchers will present a framework for the analysis of the low-carbon innovation systems for the six sectors described above, in four exemplar Member States (Germany, Italy, Poland and the UK) as well as at the EU-wide level. Stakeholders will then provide feedback on the proposed framework, highlighting possible shortcomings and potential improvements of relevance to their sector, and initiating discussion.

The INNOPATHS project has been designed to capitalize on the interaction between researchers and stakeholders to advance research and knowledge on the feasibility, effectiveness and cost efficiency of future low-carbon pathways, and to build a shared vision for the EU energy transition.

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Venezia, CMCC - May 02 / 04, 2017

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