Deep into the journalism – climate nexus

The storytelling frontier, the hunt for misinformation, new perspectives for telling the changing climate on the TV and much more. Read the new Focus Story just published on Foresight – The CMCC observatory on climate policies and future […]

CLIMATE WITHOUT BORDERS wins the Best Climate Solutions Award 2018

The project represented by Belgian weather presenter Jill Peeters has been awarded as the best initiative to communicate climate change in the international Call for Proposals conceived by the CMCC Foundation and co-produced with the Festival for the Earth […]

European Researchers’ Night: the CMCC Foundation participates with two events in Bologna and in Lecce

Two cities, two events to spread the culture of science and scientific careers. On September 28, 2018, the CMCC open its centers to the public to share its knowledge and expertise while showing how cutting-edge research can benefit society […]

Welcome to the Madhouse: climate change denialism debugged by Michael E. Mann

Professor Michael Mann at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice to discuss about the serious impacts of climate change on the environment and the society. Accepting its existence and understanding its effects are the main steps to face the problem, and scholars and politicians are those, who should take them first […]

Innovation in communicating climate change: Best Climate Solutions 2018 Award

Organized by CMCC in partnership with Festival for the Earth, the Best Climate Solutions 2018 Award is looking for innovative projects and ideas to communicate climate change […]

Water Grabbing, the blue-gold rush

A book, a multimedia project, a journey to reveal what is happening behind the scarcity of water resources, and how climate change plays a decisive role. […]

Climate Change reshaping our future: the IPCC looking ahead

On February 26, 2018, a panel discussion with Youba Sokona, Vice Chair IPCC, Carlo Carraro, Chair European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE), Nadia Pinardi, Co-Chair JCOMM, Sandro Fuzzi, CNR-ISAC, Andrea Segré, President Edmund Mach Foundation, and Antonio Navarra, CMCC Foundation President, as moderator. An event organized by the CMCC Foundation under the All4TheGreen umbrella, the event series highlighting the work of the IPCC on its 30th anniversary […]

NYT’s Answers to Your Questions on Climate Change

Don’t get discouraged when talking about climate change. 17 straightforward answers to complex questions will help you. […]

ECOMONDO: all the ideas of Climathon 2017 for smart and resilient cities

Presented at Rimini Exhibition Ecomondo the winning projects of the Climathon marathons that took place in 18 Italian cities. Among them, the ideas awarded at the Climathon events of Lecce, Venice, Sassari and Bologna with CMCC involvement and participation […]

European Committee of Regions local events: next dates in Cagliari, Rome and Catania

Three public events to engage citizens in a two-way communication on EU issues, giving voice to the interests and expectations of EU territories […]

Ciak4change: cinema, science and climate change

Exploring the changing climate through the cinema: videos and short films on climate change along with presentations and comments. A mix of entertainment and science that aims at encouraging questions and interaction with the public to be presented during two events in Venice and Milan, on September 30th, and on October 4th, 2016, respectively […]

Addressing the under 2°C target: regional experiences and good practices

An event organized in the framework of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) local events “Let’s talk about Europe” to present and discuss the role of regions and cities in implementing the Paris agreement on climate change while fostering citizens’ dialogue on climate change related policies and initiatives. On October 21st, 2016, in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy […]

#ICCG #climatestories project: how has climate change changed your life?

The life experiences of all of us are concrete evidence of how climate change has already begun to impact on our lives and societies in different ways in different areas of the planet. Tell us your story: it could be used to inspire a forthcoming book. Deadline to participate: September 30th, 2016 […]

Climate Change Generation. Valuing Young People’s Voices

For them, it is here and now. It belongs to our times but often we don’t know enough about the way they engage with it. Adam Corner (COIN) on how and why to talk about climate to young adults […]

Are we failing to stop climate change?

What does climate change have to do with our cognitive capacities, moral problems and our system of practical reason? Prof. Dale Jamieson (NYUniversity) and his vision of climate science in society […]