Source: Ministry of the Environment

The public consultation on the first draft of the National Adaptation Plan to Climate Change has been launched.

The Ministry of the Environment, in line with principles of transparency and participation, calls on its website citizens and institutions, the world of research, associations and more in general all the relevant stakeholders to have a discussion on the text of the Plan, in preparation of the final version of this document.

“The Adaption Plan – Minister of the Environment Gian Luca Galletti explains – is a strategic tool and it’s fundamental for a country like Italy that experiences every day the effects of climate change. Adapting our territory to climate change means not only to avoid more severe human and natural costs, but also to make Italy more resilient and competitive from an economic point of view. For this reason – Galletti concludes – our Plan coherently integrates other strategies already put in place: from SEN to the Sustainable Development Strategy, from the Circular Economy Strategy to the Climate-Energy Plan. All together – the Minister states – they will point out an eco-industrial horizon for our country”.

Developed and realized from the studies of the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, the Plan represents the current and up-to-date picture of climate trends and future climate scenarios at the national level while identifying possible adaptation measures, monitoring and assessment tools. The text analyzes the impacts and vulnerabilities of our country while underlining which areas and sectors are particularly at risk. The plan sets out some climate macro-regions and the so called “homogeneous climate areas” through a set of indicators: the climate macro-regions experience and have experienced in the past similar climate conditions, whereas the homogeneous climate zones are characterized by similar current climate conditions and by the same climate projection of future climate anomaly.

The present consultation follows the first collection of recommendations and guidelines on the perception of impacts, vulnerabilities and actions required realized on February – March 2017 via an online survey on the MATTM website.

All the documents for consultation are available on the MATTM – Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare website.