Call for applications for admission to the XXXIV cycle of PhD programmes (A.Y 2018/2019) – UNISS

Call 2018/2019 and Annex A (pdf file)

The PhD program develops research training activities in a field that is extended to many scientific sectors of agricultural sciences.

The course is divided into five Curricula, which operate within a common teaching plan to organize and promote study and research activities including the PhD in Agrometeorology and ecophysiology of agricultural and forest ecosystems (Referents: Prof. Donatella Spano and Maurizio Mulas).

The lines of research mostly concern: Analysis of the impact of the climate on agriculture and forest and natural ecosystems, with particular attention to the dynamics and adaptation and mitigation techniques. Study of micrometeorological processes in agrarian, forest and natural systems and of the dynamics that regulate carbon balance.

Analysis of ecophysiological processes in Mediterranean environments with particular reference to water stress conditions. Analysis of the territorial vocation, with particular reference to the identification of bioclimatic indexes, to the studies of agricultural and forest vocationality, to the management of the green areas. Modeling and simulation of crop water requirements and estimation of irrigation efficiency, in consideration of climate change in progress. Analysis of the interactions between climate change and forest fire risk.

Development and validation of modeling for the study of the functionality and productivity of forest and agricultural systems. Management and use of biodiversity and agro-biodiversity for the sustainability of crop systems.

Deadline: 13/09/2018

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