Fostering dialogue between climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction

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As the number of countries developing and implementing climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) policies increases, so does the interest in the design of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) schemes to track progress in their implementation and assess their impacts. Despite the recent achievements in this area, experience is still rather limited, and fundamental conceptual and methodological challenges remain. Furthermore, despite their common ground in managing risks and reducing negative impacts of climate change and disasters, CCA and DRR have evolved largely as separate fields, limiting the opportunities for knowledge exchange.

This session aims at fostering dialogue and supporting learning on M&E of CCA and DRR policies. After a set of presentations, which will provide an overview of M&E schemes currently in use and draw on practical examples from Europe and beyond, discussion will revolve around the challenges that evaluators often encounter when attempting to develop meaningful and effective M&E procedures, and the lessons learned so far. Participants will also discuss if and how the current reporting obligations for CCA and DRR policies can be better coordinated and aligned, and how evaluation results can be used to support better-informed policies.

Who should attend: Policy-makers, practitioners and researchers working in the area of M&E

When: Tuesday 6 June 2017

Where: 3rd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference, Glasgow, Scotland

This conference session has been developed as part of the PLACARD project  For further information on this session please contact Eleni Karali: [email protected]
For information on the conference please visit the official website of the event

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