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Models, scenarios, data, publications, decision support systems, and much more: know more about the Climate Science developed by the CMCC Foundation is available in this section.
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Lectures & Conferences

Blue-Cloud Hackathon

07/09 February
Virtual Hackathon

TEACHER - CE Final Conference

02/03 February
Final Conference
Reichenau/Rax, Austria


18 January
CMCC and Ca' Foscari
Jobs in Transition Series
03:00 pm CET

Blue-Cloud Hackathon - Kick-off

17 January
Kick-off live event
h. 4:00-6:00 pm CET

L’impegno della Regione Lazio nella transizione ecologica

14 January
Expo Dubai
Anfiteatro Padiglione Italia
h.13:30-15:30 ora italiana


Forecast evapotranspiration: fundamental information for agricultural irrigation management

Insights and perspectives on the forecast of evapotranspiration product, why it is important for agriculture and urban landscapes, and how

Forests: solutions and perspectives to fight climate change

Challenges and perspectives for a long-term vision in managing forests under climate change and the Italian case, natural climate solutions

IMMERSE user remote workshop on interfaces

On April 5, 2019, Stefania Ciliberti, CMCC researcher at OPA – Ocean Predictions and Applications Division, Michela De Dominicis (National

Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture: views from Parties and observers

The vulnerabilities of agriculture to climate change and approaches to address food security in the webinar held by CMCC researcher

Decadal predictability of North Atlantic blocking and the NAO

Decadal predictions are important to study climate evolution on multiannual to decadal timescale. On February 26, 2019, Panos Athanasiadis, CMCC

Impacts assessment in marine areas: a multi- disciplinary approach supporting adaptive management of the Adriatic Sea

A multi-risk approach, integrating different metrics and scenarios of climate, ocean, bio-geochemical and anthropogenic pressures in an interactive impacts perspective

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