Mannarini Gianandrea

Via Augusto Imperatore 16, I-73100 Lecce, Italy

+39 0832 288650



Gianandrea’s research activity aims to improve Maritime Transportation by means of meteo-oceanographic data.

Starting 2012, he has designed and implemented VISIR, a ship routing model for a safer and more efficient navigation. VISIR source code is a Free and Open Source Software, documented in several publications. An operational implementation of VISIR in the Mediterranean Sea was realized in 2015, while a web application for browsing optimal ship tracks in the Atlantic Ocean has been since 2018.

Among Gianandrea’s research interests is the environmental impact of maritime transportation, especially in reference to climate change (IMO MEPC.304(72), EU/EMSA MRV, UN SDG 13). In this respect, he coordinates the Italy-Croatia Interreg project GUTTA, aiming at a reduction of the CO2 emissions from RoPax vessels in the Adriatic Sea.

Gianandrea holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics issued from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin – Germany and a MSc degree in Physics from the Università degli Studi di Pisa – Italy.

He loves nature, sports, and reading.


  • VISIR-1.b: ocean surface gravity waves and currents for energy-efficient navigation
  • Successful blue economy examples with an emphasis on international perspectives
  • Low Carbon Intensity Routes via Ocean Currents and Waves
  • A multi-service data management platform for scientific oceanographic products
  • Introducing sailboats into ship routing system VISIR
  • VISIR: technological infrastructure of an operational service for safe and efficient navigation in the Mediterranean Sea
  • VISIR-I: small vessels – least-time nautical routes using wave forecasts
  • RP0252 - The twofold aspect of climate change on navigation: the search for new maritime routes and the challenge of reducing the carbon footprint of ships
  • A Prototype of Ship Routing Decision Support System for an Operational Oceanographic Service

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