Funded by
  • AA - Academy of Athens
Duration 8 months from 15/10/2011 to 30/06/2012

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The objective is to address the optimal policy mix between mitigation and adaption, taking into account market-driven adaption. The main focus is on the EU and its neighbours in Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, using the regional disaggregation as in chapter 6 of “Smart solutions to climate change: Comparing costs and benefits”, edited by B. Lomborg.

Expected resultsTop

A report on the above mentioned activities

  • In terms of results, the study will focus on Europe and its neighbours (about 12,000 words). However, in terms of inputs used for the analysis, the study will update the aforementioned publication with revised estimates of climate change damages on market as well nonmarket (ecosystems and health) impacts, modelling of the risk of catastrophic events, and assessment of issues related to financing of climate change policies.
  • Participation in the 2012 EIB/Bruegel conference on Economics, to be held on June X, 2012.