A new digital platform for climate change adaptation in Europe

Climate change is already evident in Europe. Across the continent, policy makers are starting to respond to current and future impacts and risks associated with rising temperatures, changing precipitation, melting glaciers, ice and snow, rising sea levels, and more frequent and intense floods and droughts

To help respond to these challenges, the Climate-ADAPT website was developed by the European Commission and will be managed by the Commission and the European Environment Agency (EEA). It is aimed at policy makers and ‘practitioners’ – engineers, planners and administrators – who can learn from the experience of others facing similar challenges and already carrying out adaptation actions elsewhere.

Climate-ADAPT is the most comprehensive website for information on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in Europe. Adaptation means anticipating the effects of climate change and taking action to prevent or minimize damage or exploit opportunities. In many cases, early action will save money because the costs of failing to adapt are likely to be very high.

“Climate change is now a reality in Europe,” EEA Executive Director Jacqueline McGlade said. “This new website collates the extensive sources of information and provides the knowledge base to inform people about adaptation. There are many opportunities for member countries, transnational and subnational regions and municipalities to learn from each other and already take relevant actions at this stage.”

In managing Climate-ADAPT, the EEA will be supported by the European Topic Centre on Climate Change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation (ETC – CCA), which is an initiative developed with the participation of CMCC.


Source: EEA website

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