VISIR® discoVerIng Safe and effIcient Routes

VISIR®  is a system for optimizing nautical routes in any meteo-marine condition. It provides least-time routes, keeping into account safety of navigation. With VISIR®, the user can compute optimal routes for a specific vessel and for a specific departure date and location, anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

In its operational version (June 2016), VISIR® considers motorboats with displacement hull, e.g.: fishing vessels, large cabin cruisers, small ferry boats. In order to optimize their routes, VISIR® employs sea-state forecasts. Web applications for both iOS and Android were also developed.
Furthermore, the VISIR® web application uses wind forecasts for computing optimal sailboat routes.

VISIR® is a product of the applied research in operational oceanography, combining state-of-the-art forecast models, optimization algorithms, and advanced parametrization of vessel dynamics.

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