Officine Cantelmo, Lecce - May 17 / 18, 2018

The 5th ENES HPC workshop on “HPC for high-resolution climate and weather modelling” will be held in Lecce (at Officine Cantelmo) on May, 17-18, 2018.

The main focus of this workshop, building on the previous ENES HPC workshops (Lecce, 2011; Toulouse, 2013; Hamburg, 2014; Toulouse, 2016), will be on high-resolution modelling.

It will also address other issues such as Domain Specific Language, Coupling & I/O tools and will involve discussions about European and international HPC ecosystems and data centers support, as well as the relationship with the EC strategy on HPC.

Main topics of the workshop

    • European & international exascale ecosystems (information on the state of the art both at hardware and software level);
    • Very high-resolution modelling and HPC challenges;
    • Tools and components;
    • Panel discussion on data centres support for weather and climate models and workflows;
    • Update on the European strategies on HPC.

P. Messina (ANL, US); S. Bassini (CINECA, IT); S. Bogaerts (PRACE, AISBL); J. Biercamp (DKRZ, DE); J. Labarta (BSC, SP); E. Audit (CEA, FR); G. Riley (Univ. of Manchester, UK); S. J. Lin (NOAA, US); J. Dennis (NCAR, US); H. Yashiro (RIKEN, JP); L. Gan (Tsinghua University, CN); C. Osuna (MeteoSwiss, CH); P. L. Vidale (NCAS, UK); P. Neumann (DKRZ, DE); T. Dubos (LMD/IPSL, FR); J. Durachta (NOAA, US); C. Osuna (MeteoSwiss, CH); W. Deconinck (ECMWF, UK); R. Ford & A. Porter (STFC, UK); P. Bauer (ECMWF, UK); V. Clément (MeteoSwiss, CH); R. Montuoro (Texas A&M University, US); Y. Meurdesoif (IPSL, FR); S. Valcke (CERFACS, FR); M. Acosta (BSC, SP); T. Eickermann (Juelich & ETP4HPC); S. Requena (GENCI); L. Hoffmann (JRC).

Working language: English

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HOSTED BY: CMCC – Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici

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Lecce, Officine Cantelmo - May 17 / 18, 2018


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