CMCC, Ocean Lab (First Floor), Lecce h.9.30 - February 07, 2019

Prof. Volker Bertram, DNV GL in Hamburg and World Maritime University in Malmo

This presentation reviews approaches to predict added resistance and added power in seaways. It concludes that there is no practical approach to quantify the required added power in waves for performance monitoring. While heave and pitch motions for conventional ships are predicted well by virtually all approaches, motions in oblique waves and added resistance are much more difficult to predict, especially in short waves. The additional uncertainty from quantifying the seaway as input makes current approaches for correction highly inaccurate.

Note: This short seminar (h.9.30 – 10.00) will be held at the CMCC premises in Lecce, Via Augusto Imperatore 16 – Meeting Room (First Floor).


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