Viale Berti Pichat 6/2 - Meeting Room (Second Floor), Bologna - h: 11.00 - February 06, 2019

Fabrizio Baordo – CMCC Bologna

An assessment study has been performed for two distinct spectral wave models: the European model WAM (Cycle 4.6.2) and the American model WAWEWATCH III (WW3 version 5.16). Wave hindcasts have been generated at global scale (from 80S to 89N, with 0.25-degree resolution at the equator) using atmospheric 10-meter winds and sea-ice cover from 2 distinct dataset: ERA5 (3-hourly winds) and the analysis of the ECMWF high resolution forecast system (6-hourly winds). Gridded outputs (3-hourly) of the wave hindcasts have been assessed by means of CMEMS products: the global wave analysis and forecast system (MFWAM) and the in-situ near real time observations (moorings). Data from the ocean waves ERA5 reanalysis are also considered for the assessment.

NOTE: The seminar will be held at the CMCC premises in Bologna, Viale Berti Pichat 6/2 – Meeting Room (Second Floor).