CMCC Webinar, h. 3:00 pm CEST - May 28, 2019

Presenter: Simone Mereu, Fondazione Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC), IAFES Division

Introduced by: Prof. Alain Paquette, UQAM Université du Québec à Montréal

Moderator: Antonio Trabucco, Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change Foundation (CMCC), IAFES division

Ecosystem functions, including primary productivity, are often positively influenced by biodiversity. It si only on the past 25 years that Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions research has focused on tree communities obtaining results that are in general terms in agreement with those found for other ecosystem. As a large part of CO2 sequestration is realized by forests, understanding the relationships between Biodiveristy and Ecosystem Functions may be used to increase CO2 sequestration as well as other ecosystem services in a mitigation and adaptation perspective to climate change. The main results of BEF research will be discussed, including those of the TeeDivNet global network (, together with possible applications and a possible paradigm shift from “managing for biodiversity” to “managing with biodiversity”.

Prof. Alain Paquette will shortly introduce the TreeDivNet network.

3:00 pm – Welcome and introduction – Donatella Spano
3.05 pm – Introduction on TreeDivNet network – Alain Paquette
3:10 pm – Presenter’s talk - Simone Mereu
3:35 pm – Q&A session (moderated by Antonio Trabucco)
4:00 pm – End of webinar

Prof. Alain Paquette – Professor, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) 
He is interested in green infrastructures and the effects of biodiversity on  the functioning and resilience of forest ecosystems, both in the forest and  in the city. His most current research makes use of controlled experiments,  simulations and long term field surveys to test the links between  biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in forest ecosystems. He is scientific  coordinator of the International Diversity Experiment Network with Trees  (IDENT), with already several experiments established in North America and  Europe, including urban environments (IDENT-Cité). He currently leads  several research projects on the benefits of planting greater diversity in  cities towards increased resilience. He also sits on the Global Forest  Biodiversity initiative steering committee.  More info on this page at the Centre for forest research.

Working language: English

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