Venezia Mestre - October 19, 2018

Some topics have important implications on many aspects of societies: industry, transports, urban planning, the safety of our houses in the face of natural hazards, health, international diplomacy, employment, …

Climate is one of these topics. Understanding how it is changing and what we are doing to face the consequences of these changes helps us to understand the world we are building today, and the world we are leaving to future generations.
International and local debates on the topic rise the interest of the public, and this requires scientists and journalists to find a common language to tell this complex topic.

The event will focus on a series of initiatives which aim to help this dialogue, among which:
- the Communications Handbook for IPCC scientists, created by Climate Outreach and translated into Italian language by the blog;
- Driving Scientific Research into Journalistic Reporting on Forests, Environment and Climate Change, a work that highlights the mutual benefits of a collaboration between science and journalism.

With this side-event, SISC opens the floor to a debate between scientists and journalists to deepen common perspectives and foresee future challenges towards a better and effective information on climate change.

Marco Gisotti
Journalist, Ufficio di presidenza FIMA – Federazione media ambientali
Stefano Caserini
Professor, Politenico di Milano; Founder Climalteranti; Member of SISC’s Executive Board
Elisabetta Tola
Journalist, author of “Driving Scientific Research into Journalistic Reporting on Forests, Environment and Climate Change
Serena Giacomin
Meteorologist at Centro Epson Meteo; President, Italian Climate Network; Author of the book Meteo che scegli, tempo che trovi. Guida alle previsioni meteo di app, web e tv
Fabio Turone
President, SWIM, Science writers in Italy

The event will be held in Italian language.
To join the event, please register here.
**For journalists: by registering through the SIGEF platform, journalists can earn credits for their
professional training**

Start h:10,00
Cà Foscari Univercity of Venice

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Venezia Mestre - October 19, 2018