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Simulation of evapotranspiration and yield of maize: An Inter-comparison among 41 maize models

Kimball BA, Thorp KR, Boote KJ, Stockle C, Suyker AE, Evett SR, Brauer DK, Coyle GG, Copeland KS, Marek GW, Colaizzi PD, Acutis M, Alimagham S, Archontoulis S, Babacar F, Barcza Z, Basso B, Bertuzzi P, Constantin J, Babacar F, Barcza Z, Basso B, Bertuzzi P, Constantin J, De Antoni Migliorati M, Dumont B, Durand JL, Fodor N, Gaiser T, Garofalo P, Gayler S, Giglio L, Grant R, Guan K, Hoogenboom G, Jiang O, Kim SH, Kisekka I, Lizaso AJ, Masia S., Meng CH,Mereu V., Mukhtar A, Perego A, Peng B, Priesack FE, Qi Z, Shelia V, Snyder GR, Soltani A, Spano D., Srivastava A, Thomson HA, Timlin ID, Trabucco A., Webber JH, Weber T, Willaume M, Williams KL, van der Laan M, Ventrella D, Viswanathan M, Xu X, Zhou W
2023, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 333, 109396, doi: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2023.109396

OFIDIA2: An Operational Platform for Fire Danger Prevention and Monitoring

Mirto M., Fiore S., Bacciu V., Sirca C., Costa Saura J. M. , Scardigno S., Nassisi P., Nuzzo A., D'Anca A., Aloisio A., Verri G., Coppini G., Caputo I.; Pirone L.;Valentini R., Spano D., Aloisio G.
2022, Environmental Sciences Proceedings, 2022, 17, 4., doi: 10.3390/environsciproc2022017004

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