• Scientific and Refereed Papers

    Papers published by CMCC scientists in JCR review, scientific books and proceedings.
  • Research Papers

    The series called "Research papers" orders by date the research documents produced by CMCC divisions. CMCC Research Papers are also collected and published on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), in the category Public Policy Centers Research Papers series.
  • International Climate Policy Magazine

    A bi-monthly report aimed at providing a clear analysis of the worldwide evolution of the carbon market, and the international and domestic climate policies.
  • Strategic Plan and Reports

    The CMCC Strategic Plan illustrates the strategic direction for the coming years and outlines the strategic imperatives that, with a comprehensive set of indicators, will drive and define our actions for the future. The CMCC Reports  underline the impact of the activities carried out by CMCC. These reports contain a social accountability by monitoring and estimating the increase of the scientific productivity and the achievement of results in different fields.
  • Books

    List of books edited by CMCC, published in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, or with the participation of CMCC authors