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Impact of Initialized Land Surface Temperature and Snowpack on Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project, Phase I (LS4P-I): organization and experimental design

Xue Y., Yao T., Boone A. A., Diallo I., Liu Y., Zeng X., Lau W. K. M., Sugimoto S., Tang Q., Pan X., van Oevelen P. J., Klocke D., Koo M.-S., Sato T., Lin Z., Takaya Y., Ardilouze C., Materia S., Saha S. K., Senan R., Nakamura T., Wang H., Yang J., Zhang H., Zhao M., Liang X.-Z., Neelin J. D., Vitart F., Li X., Zhao P., Shi C., Guo W., Tang J., Yu M., Qian Y., Shen S. S. P., Zhang Y., Yang K., Leung R., Qiu Y., Peano D., Qi X., Zhan Y., Brunke M. A., Chou S. C., Ek M., Fan T., Guan H., Lin H., Liang S., Wei H., Xie S., Xu H., Li W., Shi X., Nobre P., Pan Y., Qin Y., Dozier J., Ferguson C. R., Balsamo G., Bao Q., Feng J., Hong J., Hong S., Huang H., Ji D., Ji Z., Kang S., Lin Y., Liu W., Muncaster R., de Rosnay P., Takahashi H. G., Wang G., Wang S., Wang W., Zhou X., Zhu Y.
2021, Geoscientific Model Development, 14, 4465–4494, DOI:, web page

CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division

Future Earth.

European daily precipitation according to EURO-CORDEX regional climate models (RCMs) and high-resolution global climate models (GCMs) from the High-Resolution Model Intercomparison Project (HighResMIP)

Demory M.-E., Berthou S., Fernández J., Sørland S. L., Brogli R., Roberts M. J., Beyerle U., Seddon J., Haarsma R., Schär C., Buonomo E., Christensen O. B., Ciarlo ̀ J. M., Fealy R., Nikulin G., Peano D., Putrasahan D., Roberts C. D., Senan R., Steger C., Teichmann C., Vautard R.
2020, Geoscientific Model Development, 13, 5485–5506, DOI: 10.5194/gmd-13-5485-2020, web page

CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division

Nitrogen cycling in CMIP6 land surface models: progress and limitations

Davies-Barnard, T., Meyerholt, J., Zaehle, S., Friedlingstein, P., Brovkin, V., Fan, Y., Fisher, R. A., Jones, C. D., Lee, H., Peano D., Smith, B., Wårlind, D., and Wiltshire, A. J.
2020, Biogeosciences, 17, 5129–5148, DOI:, web page

CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division

Observed changes in dry-season water availability attributed to human-induced climate change

Padrón R. S., Gudmundsson L., Decharme B., Ducharne A., Lawrence D. M., Mao J., Peano D., Krinner G., Kim H., and Seneviratne S. I.
2020, Nature Geoscience, 13, pages477–481(2020), DOI: 10.1038/s41561-020-0594-1, web page

CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division

Quantification of the Arctic Sea Ice‐Driven Atmospheric Circulation Variability in Coordinated Large Ensemble Simulations

Liang Y.‐C., Kwon Y.‐O., Frankignoul C., Danabasoglu G., Yeager S., Cherchi A., Gao Y., Gastineau G., Ghosh R., Matei D., Mecking J. V., Peano D., Suo L., Tian T.
2019, Geophysical Research Letters, 46, DOI: 10.1029/2019GL085397, web page

CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division

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