Research Institutes

CMCC’s scientific research produces analyses, scenarios, data and detailed information on climate change and its relationship with societies, economies, the environment and solutions for a sustainable future.

Climate science and social science researchers from all over the world collaborate in a highly multidisciplinary environment enhanced by the organisation into three institutes that collaborate, exploiting the advanced technology of the CMCC’s computing infrastructure.

Institute for the
Earth System Prediction

IESP aims to address societally relevant key questions related to climate science and advance seamless predictions of the earth system from the global to the local scales and from short-term to multi-decadal time scales in support of scientifically based decision-making.

Institute for
Climate Resilience

ICR is deeply engaged in interdisciplinary research at the intersection of climate, ecosystems, and society, to support operational (shorter term) to strategic (longer term) decisions, planning, and investments towards climate resilient development. This involves synergic mitigation, disaster risk reduction and adaptation pathways.

European Institute on
Economics and the Environment

EIEE delves deep into the evaluation of strategies towards net-zero emissions and beyond; the quantitative Analysis of the socio-economic ramifications of environmental and climatic hazards; the frameworks to evaluate and inform policy design to promote environmental and social sustainability.

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