CMCC is organized in the form of a network distributed throughout the country with locations in Lecce, Bologna, Caserta, Milano, Sassari, Venezia, and Viterbo.
Find here maps and details related to all the offices.


Administration Office  —  AdvancedScientificComputing Division
Communication OfficeOcean Predictions and Applications Division
Innovative Platforms for Science Outreach

Via Marco Biagi, 5 – 73100 Lecce
TEL +39 0832 1902411
Email: [email protected]
PEC: [email protected][email protected]

Super Computing Center – SCC
c/o Università del Salento – Ecotekne
Provincial Road to Arnesano – 73100 Lecce


Regional Models and Geo-Hydrological Impacts
c/o Polo Neurobiotech
via Thomas Alva Edison s.n.c.

81100 Caserta


Fund Raising Office
Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy
Information Systems for Climate science and Decision-making

c/o REGUS – Carrobbio
Via Santa Maria Valle, 3
20123 – Milano

Sustainable Earth Modelling Economics
Via Bergognone, 34 – 20144 Milano
Tel: +39 342 6133782


Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services
c/o Dipartimento di Economia e Sistemi Arborei (DESA)
Sezione Agrosistemi Arborei
Via De Nicola, 9
07100 Sassari
Tel. +39 079 229377


Economic Analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy 
Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies
Via della Libertà, 12 – 30175 Venezia Marghera (VE)
Edificio Porta dell’Innovazione – II° floor
Tel: +39 041 2346080 


Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services
Viale Trieste 127, 01100 Viterbo
Tel: +39 0761 309587

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