Media and Outreach

The Communication and Media Office provides support for:

  • interviews with our scientists and experts;
  • information on events, publications, research projects;
  • speakers for events such as conferences, workshops, meetings, festivals, etc.;
  • being included in our media list;
  • questions and information on any other initiative.

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Tel: +39 0832 1902411

Lastest News

CMCC joins European project on Solar Radiation Modification research governance

The Co-CREATE consortium will investigate the governance principles and guidelines for responsible Solar Radiation Modification research. While Solar Radiation Modification

From Panama to Suez and the Turkish Straits: The cost of climate change for International trade

The cost of climate change on three key chokepoints for international trade could reach up to 34 billion USD in

CMCC facilitates a Wildfire Peer Review in Italy within the Union Civil Protection Mechanism

From May 20th to May 24th, 2024, a European team of experts, supported by the European Commission and CMCC, is

Heat’s toll on aging populations: Projections and policy implications

Over 200 million more elderly people worldwide are expected to face dangerous heat exposure by 2050, compared to now. The

Call for nominations of experts to participate in the Scoping Meeting for the IPCC Seventh Assessment Report (AR7)

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued a Call for experts to participate in the Scoping Meeting for

Sea ice: new understanding on the winter heat conduction problem

A new study, led by CMCC researcher Lorenzo Zampieri, sheds light on the shortcomings of models in accurately simulating the

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