A multifunctional greenhouse to grow food and collect water wins the Best Climate Practices Award 2015

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The International Center for Climate Governance announced the winner of this year’s Best Climate Practices award.

The winning project was elected by combining the results of the online voting conducted in September and the assessments of the international Expert Panel, this year featuring Michel Camdessus (Chair of FEEM advisory board); Carlo Carraro (ICCG and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice); Raffaello Cervigni (World Bank); Frank Convery (University College Dublin); Alberto Garrido (Universidad Politécnica, Madrid).

In October the Expert Panel agreed on the final ranking, electing the project
 “A multifunctional greenhouse to grow food and collect water” 
as the winner of 2015 Best Climate Practices Award.

The project is developed by Roots Up, a young organization based in Northern Ethiopia, in collaboration with the University of Gondar.
They will receive the prize of 10000 Euros to build their activity up.
For more information, visit the “Multifunctional Greenhouse” page on the BCP observatory or go to the project’s website at www.roots-up.org.

The winner will be awarded on October 23, 2015, during a special conference organized by ICCG in Milano, Italy, at Cascina Triulza, Expo Milano 2015.
For more information about the event please visit the ICCG website.

This year’s Best Climate Practices contest featured 45 candidates from over 20 countries around the world, presenting a wide range of solutions to improve agricultural water management, develop water-smart food production systems and enhance water and food security in agricultural areas most at risk from climate change.

Here the top-10 ranked projects according to the combined choice of users’ vote and Expert Panel’s evaluation:

1. A multifunctional greenhouse to grow food and collect water
2. Water Harvesters
3. Refresca Sao Paulo
4. Climate Smart Villages in the Hindu Kush Himalayas
5. SuDs for Food
6. Cultive
7. SmartRAIN
8. Camellones (raised fields) and Hydro-Agricultural Biotechnology
9. Seawater Greenhouse
10. Aquaponics

Explore all 2015 candidates’ profiles on this map.
To find out more, visit the BestClimatePractices website

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