Climate change impacts are increasing and becoming widespread.
Therefore decision makers need adequate support tools to inform about climate change adaptation actions.
The Toolbox
 and the Library
 developed in the framework of the project ECONADAPT are available for use by the public and interested stakeholders.

The Toolbox provides access to information on economic assessment of adaptation activities. It is relevant for policy makers and economists looking to implement and adjust methods for their own assessments or gathering information on how to interpret results or methodological approaches. It provides information on methodologies, data and evidence through case studies (Insights) for practitioners and economists. Furthermore, it can be of interest to a wider group of experts, stakeholders, and students carrying out case studies.
The Toolbox can be operated along two axes with users choosing from five adaptation challenges (Project Appraisal, Policy Impact Assessment, Disaster Risk Management, Macro-economic Assessments and International Development) and several economic appraisal methods, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their applicability and treatment of uncertainties.
Additionally, each appraisal method and adaptation challenge is accompanied by practical examples.

The ECONADAPT Library is a database that contains grey and academic literature on the economics of adaptation developed by the project partners. The Library is a living database that accepts submissions from external authors and in this way sets out to collect and make accessible a broad range of open-access literature and journal articles on the economics of adaptation. Users can use search functions to narrow down literature with options to search via: decision support tool, sector, governmental scale, year of publication.

ECONADAPT is an EC FP7 research project whose purpose is to support adaptation planning though building the knowledge base on the economics of adaptation to climate change and converting this into practical information for decision makers.
Within ECONADAPT, the CMCC Foundation (ECIP Division) was involved in particular in assessing the macro-economic implications in terms of GDP, sectoral activity and household welfare of autonomous and planned adaptation for EU countries.

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