Agriculture at risk in Italy: the potential impacts of climate change

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What might be the implications of warming on agriculture in Italy?
The impacts of climate change might threaten agricultural productivity and food security in Italy. Those are the results of a research recently published on European Review of Agricultural Economics (among the authors, CMCC researcher Emanuele Massetti of ECIP Division) investigates the potential impact of global warming on Italian agriculture. Using a detailed dataset of 16,000 farms across Italy, the study examines likely warming impacts in different regions and for different sectors of Italian agriculture. The study highlights that farm net revenues are very sensitive to seasonal changes in temperature and precipitation. Livestock and crop farms have different responses to climate as do rainfed farms and irrigated crop farms. The overall results suggest mild consequences from marginal changes in climate but increasingly harmful effects from more severe climate scenarios. For more information, read the integral version of the paper.

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