Antarctic climate research: a new scientific cooperation between CMCC and GFI

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In October 2013 the CMCC and the Geophysical Institute (GFI), University of Bergen, Norway, have just signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”).
The purpose of this MOU is to define a framework for scientific cooperation between CMCC and GFI on the research activities under the “Programma Nazionale di Ricerca in Antartide”.

CMCC and GFI agreed to work together in the research areas of mutual interest, that is the Antarctic climate research, and in particular:

  • global/regional climate modeling;
  • analysis of historical hydrographic data and new cruise-based data in the Weddell Sea.

Both CMCC and GFI are well known for their work in climate change and earth science research. Therefore, they desire to pursue collaborative efforts in the field of climate change in order to develop measurement and modelling tools, which will support improved understanding of the dynamics of the Antarctic sea ice zone and the assessment of sensitivity of sea ice to local natural climate changes and the possible impacts of sea ice variability on shelf/bottom water formation.

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