Carbon and Sustainability Managers with the Master in Sustainability and Carbon Footprint Management

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The Master aims to train professionals capable of managing sustainability, with particular focus on Carbon Footprints, both at a strategic level and at the practical level of calculating, governing and monitoring causes and applying mitigation measures.
The course has a vocational feel to it, starting with a fundamental, in-depth look into sustainability management in all its dimensions, including governance and environmental aspects.
The Master then concludes with a study of Carbon Footprint management techniques for businesses, looking at how to include carbon management within business strategy and in the context of systems already in operation, from the planning and monitoring system and the reporting system to the system of incentives.

The professional training aims to create both Carbon Managers, professionals with the necessary skills to manage greenhouse gas emissions, take decisions and employ mitigation measures, and Sustainability (or CSR) Managers, professionals dedicated to managing socio-environmental and sustainability issues connected to the operations of companies.
The Master’s course is aimed both at those who already work within companies (private or public) and want to increase their skills with the innovative content and tools provided by the course, and at those who want to develop specialist skills in sustainability and carbon management at a business level.

The environment is an issue that is attracting increasing amounts of attention, including within businesses and public bodies. For this reason, the labour market requires people who can respond to this interest, with suitable training and specialist technical skills.
The course is aimed at new, emerging professional roles.

The teaching methods on the Master have been designed to provide students with skills concerning:

  •  The notion of sustainability and the evolution of the concept
  • Sustainability and Carbon Footprint at a macroeconomic level – an outline
  • Companies and sustainability and Carbon Footprint strategies
  • Sustainability and Carbon Footprints in business processes and in the uman resources management
  • Elements of law and sustainability
  • Case studies

For information contact:
Ca’ Foscari Challenge School
Palazzo Moro
Cannaregio 2978,
30121 Venice

Tel. +39 041 2346853
Fax +39 041 2346801

Total amount of learning: 1500 hours, 60 CFU.
The course includes significant collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, including teaching.

Additional information

Places available:
Maximum 25

Course length:
15 months

Time period:
November 2013 – December 2014

Teaching method:

Course location:
The lessons will take place in Venice, in Lecture Room 0C at Palazzo Moro, alternating between full days of 8 hours on Thursday and Friday, and Friday and Saturday, with the latter being a half day, to allow employed students to remain in their job.

Deadline for applications:
9th October 2013
Acceptance is subject to appraisal of your CV and qualifications.

Tuition fees:
€ 8,000 in two payments. Grants are expected to be available

Course coordinator:
Professor Chiara Mio
Tel. +39 0412348717

Teaching secretariat:
Doct. Nicola Rizzo

Ca’ Foscari Challenge School – administrative secretariat  and training programs
Tel. +39 041234 6853
Fax +39 041234 6801

More information will be published on the Master’s website:
Download the call for applications (in Italian only).


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