Credits: CC DFAT photo library

The conference “Climate, agriculture, migration: scientific results and possible scenarios”(“Clima, agricoltura, migrazioni: risultati scientifici e scenari possibili”) will take place in Rome on Friday October 13, 2017, at 9:00 a.m. The event is organized by CNR with the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, waiting for World Food Day on 16 October.
The conference will be focused on food security, migrant emergency and climate induced displacement, with a focus on the current situation in Africa and in the Mediterranean area.

Prof. Riccardo Valentini (IAFES Division) takes part to the conference while attending the round-table (policy session) “Come contribuire al successo dell’Accordo di Parigi sul clima e mitigare l’instabilità socio-ambientale nel Mediterraneo?” (How to contribute to the success of the Paris Agreement while mitigating the social and environmental instability in the Mediterranean area?”

For further information, download the agenda.