Climate Finance: towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy

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The second video of the ICCG Lecture Series on “Climate Finance” is out! The new lecture is given by Christopher Knowles, Head of Climate, European Investment Bank.

In this video lecture, Christopher Knowles introduces the main instruments and policies to redirect investments from high-carbon to low-carbon infrastructures, stressing the importance of pricing emissions. Moreover, he talks about measures investors can adopt to influence climate change positively, such as due diligence, decarbonization of investment portfolios, carbon accounting, disclosure, valuation of carbon stranding.

Watch the video:

The ICCG Lecture Series on “Climate Finance” involves international experts to discuss the most relevant topics in the field. They address the theme in a very accessible way, by providing definitions, case studies, best practice solutions and the widest possible scenarios.

Did you miss the first video lecture? Watch it now!
Lecture 1
The influence of the Paris Agreement on the climate finance agenda
Given by: Dr. Barbara Buchner, Executive Director, Climate Policy Initiative

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