ClimateArt Award: artists wanted to inspire action to address climate change using science-based information

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Climateurope has initiated the ClimateArt Award, which will take place within the Climateurope Festival, the first of which will take place in Valencia from 5th – 7th April 2017.
During this festival, there will be a series of big events fully dedicated to furthering the dialogue between science and society.
Artists inspired by the main themes of the Festival, that is water, agriculture and the possibilities of working with climate information and data to improve the world, are wanted to participate with paintings, drawings, installations, music, dance, and theatre pieces that could inspire and be inspired by the Climateurope theme “linking science to society”.

The ClimateArt Awards will use the creative process as a tool to inspire audiences, to link Science and Society, and to make the environment personal. We hope these ClimateArt will rise awareness positive action around the challenges posed by climate change, avoiding any “end-of-the-world” pictures.

Works that inspire action to address climate change using science-based information will be given high priority.

Moreover, all submitted pieces must address the theme of “working with climate information and data to improve the World” and creatively engage audiences in positive action on climate change to support transition to a climate-aware society.

Three winners will receive an award-certificate and will be grated a small financial contribution (500 euro) for your further work.

The deadline for entries has been extended to February 27th, 2017.

All proposals should be submitted to Climateurope the server before February 27th to be considered for the Climateurope Festival.
The Climateurope staff will announce the results of the selection before March 6th, 2017.

Climate Arts will take place in the Climate Festival in 5th-7th April 2017.

More information about the selection process, criteria for submission, award, submission requirements, etc are available HERE.

Climateurope accepts submissions via its Online submission form only.

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