At the end of the 2nd reporting period of the FREEMAN project the CMCC team, coordinated by Dr. Jaroslav Mysiak, make a balance of the activities carried on until now and define better new tasks and objectives for the last period.

FREEMAN, “Flood REsilience Enhancement and MANagement: a pilot study in Flanders, Germany and Italy” is a project funded under the 2nd ERA-NET CRUE Funding Initiative that aims to find ways how to increase flood resilience based on flood experience in the past.

According to the definition given by the UN-ISDR, resilience is “The capacity of a system, community or society potentially exposed to hazards to adapt, by resisting or changing in order to reach and maintain an acceptable level of functioning and structure”.

The tree project partners, based in Flanders (AnteaGroup), Germany (Seeconsult GmbH) and Italy (CMCC) examine previously occurred flood events: the large-scale Demer flood in Flanders in 2002, the flood of the rivers Leine and Innerste in Germany in 2007 and the flash floods that occurred in the Italian villages Vibo Valentia (2006) and Soverato (2000).

During the second reporting period, the CMCC project team focussed on three main intermediate objectives: (i) Analysis of the flood institutions and policies: CMCC has conducted a review of the norms and legislations governing the flood risk management at national and regional level; (ii) Analysis of the risk management tools and their suitability to capture and enhance resilience; (iii) Analysis of the public perception of flood risk and management in Calabria through a series of more than sixty semi-structured interviews with representatives of flood risk management institutions, citizens and experts in Calabria, realized in the disaster-hit localities Soverato and Vibo Valentia and surrounding areas.

The next activities of the project, which is expected to end between August and September 2011, will be the development of the dissemination material, the production of policy recommendations with respect to flood risk management in Calabria and Italy, the organisation of an international workshop on resilience.


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