One planet, one ocean: towards new management approaches for ocean governance

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It’s a matter of science and research, but it’s also a matter of gender equality: the environmental, economic and social risks and opportunities connected to the conditions of the Oceans are strictly linked to the conditions of women, especially in some regions of the Planet.
These are the main topics of our conversation with Francesca Santoro, Programme specialist at UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC). Dr. Santoro focuses, on one hand, on how much we need a holistic approach that should be able to guarantee a sustainable use of coastal resources, while identifying key habitats, functions, ecosystem services to be protected, restored, and maintained. On the other hand, Dr. Santoro explains that “Women – who are more socially, economically and politically vulnerable in most societies – are more severely affected by climate change and natural hazards (such as floods, cyclones, tsunamis, etc) than men”, and this is among the UNESCO major global priorities.
The full interview by Laura Caciagli is available on Climate Science & Policy, the CMCC web magazine. Go to the full article

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