OrientGate: the Data Platform is online

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The data platform represents a single entry point to the data and indicators produced by the partners of the OrientGate project, which has been finances by the SEE – South East Europe programme.
A virtual machine–based environment, it is hosted at the Super Computing Center of CMCC.

The platform provides:

  • the efficient, scalable and transparent management of large volumes of scientific data;
  • an integrated view of data and indicators;
  • harmonised metadata management; and
  • user-friendly data access, browsing and downloading capabilities.
  • a useful tool for researchers, scientists, experts and policymakers

The data platform realized by OrientGate project is now online at http://www.orientgateproject.org/data_platform.php

A tutorial is available to illustrates the data platform main contents and functionalities.

Watch the video:

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