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The power of storytelling gives inspiring local stories a global dimension. A training programme to build a network of storytellers to envision a society that remains within planetary boundaries and maximises societal wellbeing. Applications are open for the first Sustainable Storyteller Academy programme, in partnership with the CMCC Foundation.

The Sustainable Storyteller Academy Europe is a collective of young Europeans from a diverse range of backgrounds who believe storytelling is key to building a sustainable future.

Through their respective areas of work, they reckon that many inspiring local social actions could contribute to solving global environmental issues if they were amplified by storytellers. Their mission is to support more storytellers to contribute to a continental shift in narrative and consciousness, towards a sustainable economic model as a pathway to improve societal wellbeing.

To do so, they assist the development of a network of sustainable storytellers across Europe, whose work may cross-thematic, geographic, audience and media platform boundaries.

Their first programme, organized in partnership with the CMCC Foundation, is set to start in June 2022 and will explore social and sustainable food initiatives in Italy, from cultivation to food waste management with a focus on local stories from a global perspective.

Stories such as that of the Biblioteca del Grano, The Wheat Library, a field in the shape of a sun that hosts 75 varieties of wheat and mixtures, from the oldest to the most modern. Wheat varieties that come from Italy, Syria, India, Ethiopia and talk about the natural biodiversity of the whole world. The Library was founded in 2008 by a group of young people from Caselle in Pittari who decided to return to live in the internal and marginal areas of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano Park, recovering their cultural identity and the biodiversity of coltures that were in danger of being lost to the global food system.

The programme “Social and sustainable food initiatives in Italy” includes a training weekend, mentoring from experienced storytellers, financial support, access to information and sources, and a pitching day with (inter)national media organisations and will run from 10 June to 3 October.

It is open to Italian residents who want to explore a career in sustainable storytelling, with basic English language skills who are willing to apply either individually or in collectives of maximum of three people.

Applications, due by May 15, will be assessed by an independent jury of experts in storytelling, sustainability and social innovation. They will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Creative approach to the topic and/or within the chosen media
  • Relevance to local and international audiences
  • A description of the applicant’s motivation and skills
  • A brief planning that shows how to produce the story with the set time and budget
  • A clearly demonstrated sensitivity to topics of diversity and inclusivity (incl. background, gender, ethnicity etc.), both in the story and in the team.

For more information: 

The Sustainable Storyteller Academy programme: “Social and sustainable food initiatives in Italy”

The application form (open until May 15, 2022)


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