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The implications of climate change for ecosystems, societies, economics and policy, with a special focus on some important issues such as hydrological risk, food security and human health. Advances in climate science, impacts on ecosystem services and on cultural heritage, mitigation, hydrological risk, food security, human health and adaptation as main topics.

The Program of the Second Conference of the Italian Society for Climate Sciences is now online!
Download the Conference Program (pdf).

The program of the conference, entitled “Climate Change: Scenarios, Impacts and Policy”, includes scientific sessions, plenaries, parallel sessions and special events.
New findings and insights on climate science from frontier research will be illustrated and discussed. More in detail, four topics will be at the core of the many thematic sessions: mitigation policy and strategies; advances in climate science; vulnerability, risk assessment and adaptation to climate change; impacts and implications of climate change.

The Conference will take place on September 29-30, 2014 at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy.

Plenary Lecture

The first day of the conference will be introduced by a Keynote Lecture given by T. Stocker (University of Bern ‐ IPCC WGI co‐chair) entitled “Climate Change: Too late for 2°C?”.
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Parallel Sessions
Given the range and the vastness of the topics, the parallel sessions will offer the opportunity to provide space and attention to a significant number of presentations where participants can present their research and discuss it with those present.
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Poster Session
A special area will be dedicated to the exhibition of posters to provide a further opportunity to present work and projects on climate research. Thanks to the poster session we will propose and analyze content through a graphical and textual summary, in a communicative context particularly suited to encourage an immediate exchange of opinions and comments among the participants.
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Science and the media

The scientific program of the Second SISC Annual Conference is enriched by a dialogue among climate scientists and media experts aimed at pointing out that the issues of climate research can be communicated to a more general and broader public than the only scientific community. The title of the public dialogue is: “Treasure hunt in the mine of data – Innovation, knowledge and climate communication and it will take place on Monday, September 29, 2014, h. 18:00.
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