The CMCC at the UN Climate Conference COP23 in Bonn

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Join us at the COP23 in Bonn and participate in discussing how we can tackle climate change and its impacts.

Here are the COP23 events and news with CMCC participation:

6 November 2017
COP23 Side Event “Climate & Development Links: National decarbonization pathways toward 1.5 & 2°C and impacts on SDGs”
Assessing and comparing mid-century decarbonization pathways for key regions (Brazil, China, EU, India, Japan, and the US) at COP23, a side event organized by CMCC Foundation.
When: November 06, 2017, h. 15:00 – 16:30
Where: COP23, Bonn Zone, Meeting Room 12, Bonn
Watch the video:

7 November 2017
The CMCC live at COP23 in Bonn: on air on Caterpillar – Radio2  Programme
What’s the air at the UN Climate Conference COP23 in Bonn? What are the challenges awaiting for the international cooperation to help the most vulnerable countries to climate change? CMCC researcher Elisa Calliari talked about these issues in an interview on Caterpillar – Radio2 Programme. Listen to the podcast (in Italian only).

9 November 2017

COP23 Book pre-launch “Loss and Damage from Climate Change: Concepts Methods and Policy Options”
A synopsis summarising key findings of the forthcoming book identifying practical and evidence-based policy options to inform the Loss and Damage discourse and climate negotiations. CMCC researcher Elisa Calliari, co-author with Jaroslav Mysiak of a book chapter, will take part to the event. On November 9, 2017, in Bonn.
When: November 9, 2017 – 16.00 to 17.00
Where: COP23, Langer Eugen (UN Campus), Meeting Room 2309, Bonn.

14 November 2017

COP23 Side Event “Towards Sustainable Climate Change Response Measures under the Paris Agreement”
The methods for evaluating nationally determined contributions’ emission reduction efforts and assesses their economic costs. A focus on how to reduce compliance costs while highlighting the value of technology and social innovations. A COP23 event in Bonn with the participation of CMCC President Antonio Navarra and Prof. Carlo Carraro.
When: November 14, 2017, h. 12:30 – 13:45
Where: COP23, Japan Pavilion, Bonn

15 November 2017
COP23 Side Event “1.5 & 2°C strategies, SDGs and green growth”
The latest findings for ratcheting up the Nationally Determined Contributions toward the 1.5 & 2°C goals and green economy strategies. An event organized in the framework of the CMCC CD-LINKS project’s activities. In Bonn, on November 15, 2017
When: November 15, 2017, h. 15:15-16:30
Where: COP23, EU pavilion, Bonn Zone, Bonn

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