The value of natural capital in Regional climate policies

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“Global warming calls for an integrated approach.  It is a complex issue affecting many aspects of our life, and Regions have to face this compelling problem at very different levels”.

At COP 21 Side Event “Regions and Climate Change: a major challenge for local communities”, Riccardo Valentini (Lazio Region, CMCC) presented the ambitious Energy Plan of the Lazio Region while illustrating targets and policy instruments to address climate change and accomplish Paris commitments. An ambitious target for GHG emission reduction, a massive use of renewable energies while improving energy efficiency, funding aimed at fostering green economy, green mobility, rural development and sustainable agriculture: those are some of the initiatives and action of the Lazio Region to face global warming.

“A key aspect will be understanding the role of natural resources”, Valentini said. “About 50% of GHG emissions are in fact reabsorbed by forests and oceans. The value of natural capital is therefore a dimension that we should take into account in our programs and activities: the Lazio Region is probably one of the first regions in the world that included the natural capital value in a law recently approved as one of major indexes of our economic wealth underlining the importance of natural protection as well as the need of comparing the economic value of nature with other traditional GDP type of analyses”.

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Read the full article on Climate Science & Policy, the free digital magazine edited by CMCC.

This video is part of the COP21 Side Event “Regions and Climate Change: a major challenge for local communities” – COP Conference Center, Observer Room 12, Paris – December 10, 2015 – organized by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change – CMCC (Lead applicant) in collaboration with the Basque Centre for Climate Change – BC3 (co-applicant) and the Italian Society for Climate Sciences – SISC (co-applicant).
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