Wildfire management and climate change: updates from the SILVANUS project

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Technology, innovation and information are crucial elements to prevent and combat forest fires. A focus on the needs of local residents and communities affected by wildfire, civil society organisations, and policymakers on the latest issue of the SILVANUS project’s newsletter.

Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Green Deal program and coordinated by Università Telematica Pegaso, SILVANUS project includes 49 partners from the European Union, Brazil, Indonesia, and Australia. The key output of the project is the release of a climate-resilient forest management platform to prevent and suppress forest fire. The CMCC Foundation is part of this large consortium of interdisciplinary experts to combat the threat of forest fires and improve forest resilience against climate change.

Recently, the SILVANUS communication team has produced the latest edition of its bi-monthly newsletter. Topics of the newsletter include the SILVANUS General Assembly meeting in Athens which took place last December, an overview of international dissemination events, including the presentation of the project and its technical framework at the International Conference for Forest Fire Research in Coimbra, and key messages to three stakeholder target groups: local residents and communities affected by wildfire, civil society organisations, and policymakers.

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