Workshop on Mediterranean Advanced Modelling

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Operational modelling is now a mature activity in the Mediterranean and Black Sea involving dozen of teams and more than 30 routinely modelling products.

The Mediterranean Operational Network for the Global Ocean Observing System (MONGOOS) and the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (IOF) will organize a Workshop on Mediterranean Advanced Modelling. The event will take place on November 15, 2016, in Split, Croazia, the day preceding the MONGOOS annual meeting.

The workshop will be focused on recent progress and strategies on ocean and coastal modelling and will be divided in two thematic sessions:

  •  Review of existing operational systems: the presentations will be focused on describing the existing systems of the region, with their capabilities, limitations, detected problems  and success histories;
  • Simulation of processes and technical advances in numerical modelling in the region.

A collective review paper(s) on the existing operational modelling and recent progress in the Mediterranean region will be proposed for publication after the meeting.
 Participations of teams not involved in operational oceanography are welcome.

Download the flier of the event.

For more information, please visit the page of the event.

The Mediterranean Operational Network for the Global Ocean Observing System(MONGOOS) has been established in 2012 to further develop operational oceanography in the Mediterranean Sea. MONGOOS comprises the previous activities of MOON and MEDGOOS.

MONGOOS is promoting partnerships and capacity building for GOOS in the Mediterranean Sea, creating a continuous working framework with EuroGOOS and GOOS for Africa in order to define common roles and activities in the region, fostering collaboration with Black Sea GOOS and global ocean GOOS initiatives.

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