Climate Risk Reports

The series of reports produced by the CMCC on climate risk analysis applied to different territorial scales. Climate scenarios, socio-economic sectors, impact analysis and overview of available tools: explore the reports, in-depth texts, in-depth graphics, infographics and video presentations.

G20 - Climate Risk Atlas
Impacts, policy, economics


The first study that provides climate scenarios, information, data and expected changes in the climate and related impacts in the G20 countries. A tool that, starting from science, sheds light on the risks of the largest economies in the world, designed to support the decision-making process towards an effective and scientifically informed climate action.

A complete picture of the most up-to-date scientific knowledge on the interaction between climate change and socio-economic systems.

Climate change
in six Italian cities


A report that, for the first time, uses the results of high-resolution data to propose an overview of the climate, impacts, risks and tools that Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome, Turin and Venice will provide themselves with.

Explore the interactive report, with infographics and insights on the climate indicators of each city, the future scenarios and the tools that the various administrations will provide themselves with.

Climate change
in Italy


Climate scenarios on the future of Italy, risk analysis on 5 key sectors, economic costs, financial tools and territorial planning, an updated glossary of terms to better understand all the contents.

A document that, starting from the expected climate for the next few years, focuses on individual sectors to provide information on what to expect from the future and provide a tool to support real strategies for a resilient and sustainable development.

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