Black Sea Waves Reanalysis (CMEMS BLK-Waves)


Short Description

BLKSEA_REANALYSIS_WAV_007_006 is the nominal product of the Black Sea Waves Forecasting system, composed by hourly wave parameters at 1/36°x1/27° horizontal resolution, (ca. 3 km). The third generation spectral wave model WAM Cycle 4.6 is used. The Black Sea waves modelling system resolves the prognostic part of the wave spectrum with 24 directional and 30 logarithmically distributed frequency bins in a shallow water version. The model takes into account depth refraction and wave breaking. The system is forced by wind fields obtained from the ERA-interim reanalyses wind data. The reanalyses period is from Jan 2002 to Jun 2018 with one-hourly output.

Product Citation

Staneva, J., Behrens, A., Ricker, M., & Gayer, G. (2020). Black Sea Waves Reanalysis (CMEMS BLK-Waves) (Version 1) [Data set]. Copernicus Monitoring Environment Marine Service (CMEMS).


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