Mediterranean Sea Waves Analysis and Forecast (CMEMS MED-Waves)


Short Description

MEDSEA_ANALYSIS_FORECAST_WAV_006_017 is the nominal product of the Mediterranean Sea Waves Forecasting system, composed by hourly wave parameters at 1/24º horizontal resolution covering the Mediterranean Sea and extending up to -18.125W into the Atlantic Ocean. The waves forecast component (Med-Waves system) is a wave model based on the upgraded WAM Cycle 4.6.2. In the wave model the continuous wave spectrum is approximated by means of step functions which are constant in a frequency-direction bin. The Med-Waves modelling system resolves the prognostic part of the wave spectrum with 24 directional and 32 logarithmically distributed frequency bins and the model solutions are corrected by an optimal interpolation data assimilation scheme of all available along track satellite significant wave height observations. The Med-Waves set up includes a coarse grid domain with a resolution of 1/6° covering the North Atlantic Ocean from 75° W to 10° E and from 70° N to 10° S and a nested fine grid domain with a resolution of 1/24° covering the Mediterranean Sea from 18.125° W to 36.2917° E and from 30.1875° N to 45.9792° N. The system provides a Mediterranean wave analysis and 10 days Mediterranean wave forecasts updated daily.

Product Citation

Korres, G., Ravdas, M., & Zacharioudaki, A. (2019). Mediterranean Sea Waves Analysis and Forecast (CMEMS MED-Waves) [Data set]. Copernicus Monitoring Environment Marine Service (CMEMS).


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