GlobalCoast survey for selection of pilot sites

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CoastPredict, an endorsed Programme of the UN Ocean Decade, has launched GlobalCoast  – its Global Coastal Ocean Experiment. Through GlobalCoast the Programme will deliver transformative science and technology for coastal ocean observing and prediction at Pilot Sites in up to 20 contrasting Regions of the Global Coastal Ocean.

The outcomes will be globally relocatable and replicable solutions, standards and applications to support coastal resilience. The initiative does not start from scratch – it will harness existing expertise through CoastPredict’s Focus Area projects and latest advances in coastal observing and prediction.

To get involved in this transformative action, you are encourage to participate in the GlobalCoast survey and distribute it through your networks! This is an opportunity to guide the selection of Pilot Sites where the programme will leverage existing funding and/or initiate new funding for transformative research by the CoastPredict community and its partners.

global coast

The survey is open until 4 September at UTC 23:59. The survey link, Explainer video and document are all available on CoastPredict’s GlobalCoast webpage.

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