M2 internal-tide generation in STORMTIDE2

CMCC Webinar | 28 May, 2020 – 05:30 – 06:30 PM CEST

Speaker: Prof. Jin-Song von Storch, Professor at University of Hamburg and Senior scientist at Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

Moderator: Prof. Nadia Pinardi, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Bologna and Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change Foundation (CMCC)

Internal-tide generation has been quantified using both pressure work  and  energy conversion.
When calculating the pressure work from simulated or observed data, the internal-tide pressure has to be decomposed from the full pressure, for which various options exist. We show that the conversion, that has to be derived from the depth-integrated energy equations, contains the work done by both the form drag at the bottom and that at the surface, with the latter being about 1% of the former. For calculating the pressure work, the internal-tide pressure identified as the deviation from the depth-averaged pressure perturbation has to be used. We analyzed the work done by the bottom form drag in STORMTIDE2, a concurrent simulation of circulations and tides.  As expected , the identified internal-tide pressure reveals the characteristic pressure drop from the windward to the leeward side of an obstacle. The M2 internal-tide generation in STORMTIDE2 is more strongly controlled by the barotropic tide than by the topographic slope, partly because  the tidal velocity can change up to one order of magnitude from the top to the foot of a high ridge within a short distance, a feature only produced by a high-resolution model. Consequently, the intense generation maps  the immediate proximities of the summits of  high ridges, making the global generation to be strongest near 1200 m and decreasing drastically below 3000 m. The depth structure of the generation differs in  different basins, which could impact differently for circulations in different basins.

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